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日曜日, 9月 30, 0019

Fly Fly .. but drive

was itching to fly my heli.. fitted up my Futaba 9C set replacing the knok out RD6000... anyway the RD6000 has been with me flying for 2 yrs already... so thats thats.. time to retire the radio... too bad.. it was a easy to use transmitter...

anyway after settling Marcus to the doc's too late to go meet my pals at the where to go and no plans... , i dropped by BHG to check out the weekend sale of 20%.. bought a couple of stuffs....

got home.. and Marcus was awake.. as i promised him to bring him to play the nitro Buggy.. off we went .. Been a long time since the last bash.... also solved the jitter issue i encountered on my Hyper8 Radio... plug and unplug the crystal problem solved...

burnt 3 tanks of Nitro.. and after which its time to strip and clean the car out...and the boy helped me wash the wheels...




evening did not go anywhere as Marcus was on medication.. having the cough

anyway tomorrow am on leave..



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