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水曜日, 9月 12, 0019

Damm... now my BenQ DVD Recorder is gone...spolit

spoilt .. kaput.. cannot read or record any TV program.. The same recorder BenQ JH300 which Rachel broke the tray... last night opened it up again and installed a dvd writer from my PC .. a BenQ1620 , the thing was able to play back DVD movies etc.. but cannot record any program on the DVD.. dammm..

Found out that the drive used in the BenQ JH300 was a Philips VAD8031/01 (PN : 9305 025 83101). I called up Philips Singapore today , and was told Part Number EOL .. no more production. So next option , find a 8X Philips DVD writer , extract out the firmware from the original drive and flash the new drive with the original firmware.

also Called up the BenQ service center and told me $350 for just the drive alone.. xiao ha..

Searched the web and found out that the DVD writer the BenQ JH300 used was a BenQ drive found in Dell PCs.. woo hoo.. got hope...

Also found out that Courts is selling a 160GD DVD recorder for $299.. might check it out later when i have time.

Weekend Sales at Suntec.. found this cute cute




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