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土曜日, 9月 01, 0019

COMex 2007

the quarterly PC show is here.. and this time round its at Suntec... Actually i did not have anything to get and was going to give the show a miss.... the evil part of me got the better, and i dropped by the show on Friday Evening.

loitered around the Level 6 hall and bought a USB 500GB HDD , cost $219.. damm cheap..

A Seagate Free Agent Drive , formatted it and used it on my NAS.. :)


i took the bus from outside the stop at SMU and saw that it has a arrival board. It tells the estimated arrival time of buses for that stop.. but i think the board is a bit screwed.. i monitored the accuracy and i dare say.. screw up.. sign shows bus arr.. but for the next 5 mins no bus turn up at all...


This morning , dropped by Sim Lim area to finish/complete some of my outstandinding task i needed to do this weekend..
1) get UniCell@SL Square to rebuilt 2 packs of battery ( $12 each )
2) get replacement batt for my Canon ixus i
3) get replacement Hakko Iron Tip - $8
4) some parts for connecting the New Seagate drive to a external PSU.

Also my Ghost in the Shell : Innocence DVD arrive from Amazon.. nothing beats a R1 DVD...


Also waiting patiently for my other DVD to arrive also from the same series , 3rd Movie : Solid State Society

The boy with his new pair of converse



Repaired the Jeep last weekend, faulty switch , bought a new replacement one $2 and the jeep was as good as new... the Girl seems to enjoy the jeep right ..





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