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日曜日, 9月 30, 0019

Fly Fly .. but drive

was itching to fly my heli.. fitted up my Futaba 9C set replacing the knok out RD6000... anyway the RD6000 has been with me flying for 2 yrs already... so thats thats.. time to retire the radio... too bad.. it was a easy to use transmitter...

anyway after settling Marcus to the doc's too late to go meet my pals at the where to go and no plans... , i dropped by BHG to check out the weekend sale of 20%.. bought a couple of stuffs....

got home.. and Marcus was awake.. as i promised him to bring him to play the nitro Buggy.. off we went .. Been a long time since the last bash.... also solved the jitter issue i encountered on my Hyper8 Radio... plug and unplug the crystal problem solved...

burnt 3 tanks of Nitro.. and after which its time to strip and clean the car out...and the boy helped me wash the wheels...




evening did not go anywhere as Marcus was on medication.. having the cough

anyway tomorrow am on leave..

土曜日, 9月 29, 0019


After Jogging / Cycling , picked up a motorized bike.. missing batts...Bike was a thrown away item which me and Marcus saw it discarded at the rubbish point in the morning during jogging/clcyling outing.... on closer inspection i found that basically the wh9le bike was ok.. brought it home.. cleaned it up and plug in the batts from Marcus Red Jeep.. and wala..its working...

After that whole family dropped by Bankit , Marcus wanted a hair cut at the saloon.. while mrs was doing some marketing...




Afternoon dropped by SimLim Square to get some stuffs.. also the 6V battery for motorized bike... bought 2 pcs.. only $13 total...not too ex...

evening dropped by GreenRidge Shopping Center for dinner.. and found some nice tikam cars there....$2 worth it.. and they are HongWells..!!
Tikamed nearly 36 cars.. $2 each.. pratically i emptied out the whole machine... lol the Uncle who was watching me and Marcus turn and turn was amazxed with us... :D

金曜日, 9月 28, 0019

Friday Night.. Movie at Plaza

Left work early to go and collect my passport which i submitted a application in July..ya i took a long time to bring myself to collect it as ICA kept on rejecting my photo, i discovered that as long as the photo submitted had been used for some gov document , it will be rejected.. ( mine was used in my driver's license , i tried submitting the same pic ) ... dammm.. the whole place was also packed just to collect passport i spent nearly 45 mins... there were about 200 plus ppl infornt of the queue number .. and take note .. its a weekday..


night out at the plaza.. today Marcus's class had no lesson in the day as they shifted the session to a night at the movie... the school planned a night out at the garden plaza for the kids.. the whole school from nurery to K2 was involved.. but one thing the whole place was warm.. and in the end.. after 30 mins...into the movie"Open Season" ppl were leaving...

too hot and stuffy for a movie out...


火曜日, 9月 25, 0019

Latern Festival...

Tuesday.. was supposed to attend some NTU networking night to attract more potential employees to our company.. and HR specifically requested ppl from our dept.. as we were the main cream of the company.. ( hahaha )

found out dun need to go from HR as they have enough ppl.. and told mrs about the change, she was delighted as intialy she was a bit disaapointed as i could not spend Rachel's 1st Latern Festival together..

Anyway got back to home early and prepared the kids for a night downstairs..






月曜日, 9月 24, 0019

SuNDaY nIgHt

Sunday night.. after the kids rested .. , there was a neighbourhood affair at the badminton court near our flats...organised by the estate's association. MP for our estated will be visiting too.. damm.. got also dragon simple night also got dragon dance...

The moon was also full round...but night was stuffy... in the end.. all sweaty.. and got home for a clean up....









日曜日, 9月 23, 0019

Sunday.. another BD

bro-in-laws daughter 1yr old BD.. simple family affair..Marcus is always excited when there is a BD celebration. He keeps on saying "happy BD".. The boy... Took a cab to Bro-in-laws place. And so happen Marcus's cousin also wore Thomas and Friend Tshirt but different design and color. Me and Sis-in-law also noticed that Marcus has grown taller by a inch or 2.






he and his Lightning McQueen Latern!!!.. his fav!!!




mrs so happy





Passport Photos of the kids...

Mrs decided to make it a event, 1st yr BD .. take Passport Pic.. 4yrs old also were taken on Monday and i collected them today just...

so heres Marcus's 1yr old vs 4 yrs old pic.. he looks angry.. lol


Rachel 1yr old pic


Rachel looks sweet with that clip...oh well photographer had a difficult time making her smile.. so did we.. in the end this is the best shot.. lucky she did not break out in tears.. as she was a bit unfamiliar with the photo studio.

In the day , had to do some errands, drop by Tanjong Pagar MRT to conclude a deal.. and then off to Vivocity for some shopping.. nothing much to gather.. then made another trip to OG at Chinatown.. saw that the latern Festival decorations were up..


after which we made our way home..

土曜日, 9月 22, 0019

Friday....night at the plaza..

Returned my Parents car on Wed's night, as they were returning on thursday afternoon. After having the car for 2 days... my tots..:
1) parking ex..
2) Petrol $22 for 100KM.. ex also..
3) flexibility in timming.. i think this is the main reason why ppl get a car...but i got a problem .. whenever we wanted to go to town the last 2 nights , i was scratching my head on where is the cheapest place to park in town.

Oh well thank goodness , i did not buy a car and i dun think i will do so in the near future.. unless i have another kid.. :)..

Oh Well Friday night since no car.. no go anyway. Only convenient place is the Plaza downstairs.. lol..

Kids all taken their dinner , so mrs wanted to have a quick bite at Mac.. me and mrs see that Rachel has taken a liking to fries.. oh gosh French Fries.. she was making so much noise.. "mum mum mum mum"... lol...






水曜日, 9月 19, 0019

Tuesday.. IMM again

Went to IMM again as previous night , mrs said did not finish walking the whole place, as she was stuck at Giant 1st floot buying gocery. so left work slightly earlier. Got home change and took the kids out. Marcus was so happy as he was mentioning to mrs .. "papa come home we go sit ah ma's car".. oh the boy.. looks like he is really crazy about cars... I told him better study hard than can make lots of money to buy car. He said he wants to be a doctor.. i dunno how true.

IMM was not crowded in the weekend.. but the damm carpark was full.. dunno whose cars are those if there is no shopping crowd.. strange.. anyway park on the 5th level and took the lift down.. window shopped at Best Denki , Daiso , Kids Mall , Action toys...

With a car , we could shop a little later till about 10 pm.. else if we were taking the bus, we need to leave by 930 pm to get home around 10 pm.






月曜日, 9月 17, 0019

Monday .. IMM

borrowed parents car since they went for a holiday... till thursday...after work today , went to pick up the car at 6 pm.. we decided to go to IMM since the place is off.. and even if we went there on out own , we had to leave asap as the little one need to take her nap. Been a long time since we were at IMM and there were many changes to it since we were there a yr ago...

found a couple of stuffs too at IMM.. my diecast toys...!!! 2nd series Ferrari 60th Anniversary found.. TRU do not even have them yet






60th Anniversary Ferraris.. 2nd series ( #9 to #16 )
Previous Series