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日曜日, 8月 12, 0019

Swim today

after a long while.. we went for a swim today.. weather was fine.. sunny.. but strange,water was cold..

i was shivering when i entered the water.. and i hesitated for a moment. before taking the plunge into the water with Marcus... and that boy was just screaming and gleaning with joy when he entered the water.

Oh well.. Marcus has somehow or rather improve in terms of his spelling and imagination. For instance , in the evening , he was playing with his bus going round and round on the floor map, and saying to himself , " bus stop , Marcus get on sit in front with PaPa." oh kids are kids.

Rachel has also started babbling some baby talk and some of the words she mentioned sounded like "Bread".. "Chair" .. and also "Shit"!!!--> this was noticed by mrs when she babbled that phrase out accidently infront of her and Rachel has took after it..



This weekend found some new cars from KinsMart at Taka and also some good buys from OG for the 1:18 Scale cars...

Been busy planing Rachel's BD next weekend.....



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