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日曜日, 8月 12, 0019


tidied up and cleared some old non used items from the house .. worked till 2am Sunday morning.. also moved my NAS (Network Attached Storage) back to the room, as the last lightning incident found more victims...i discovered the power Adaptor to the NAS and USB casing all blown and also 1 dead FireWire Case and adaptor too.

Luckily i have a small ATX PSU with me.. got it from HEC clearance sale 2 yrs back for $15 .. its a 145W unit enough to power the Linksys NSLU2 and the USB casings. I had to modify the power on for the PSU as its a ATX unit so meaning i have to short the Power On Pin to GND.

damm.. found out that one of the 250GB HD was also dead... there goes all my backups... :( .. need to get a new HDD soon to replace this dead one... hiaz...

Luckily i have the same backups in DVDs..


added a modified Pin to short the Power On to GND.. i found that i could also turn off the psu with i switch it to off.....Cool!!




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