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土曜日, 8月 04, 0019

Marcus oh Marcus...

The poor boy vomited since Wed night.. and till Thursday... also at work ... My japan customer was here in singapore .. and was suppose to be a intense 2 day meeting ( Thursday - Friday )

On thursday , i had to borrow my boss's car to come home( noon time ) to send Marcus to the doc to see and get some medicine.. but it did not help.. and Mrs call me at 2 pm and say medicine cannot work.. whatever he took in, his body will reject it... oh gosh. Borrowed my boss's car again to come home.. and he was sleeping.. i told mrs.. tonight i will bring him back to the doc.

In the evening , i was supposed to join the dinner session at Turf Club with my customer, i had to excused myself and go home straight from office. once home , i brought Marcus back to the doc. and the doc say.. if his body is still not able to retain fluid , he will have to refer him to KK hospital.. I was like heartbroken .. as Marcus has never been admitted to hospital before....

After the doc , we tried giving him medicine again to prevent vomitting, again within 10 minutes , his body expelled it.. and we noticed that his lips has dried.. meaning Marcus is showing signs of dehydration. I told mrs.. have to go hospital, if this carries on , he will experience heat exhaustion soon.




So pack some essential stuff , and i brought him down to KK, arrived at 10pm, registered and waited to see the doc at 1am.. damm... i was like dead tired after the work in office and i have to endure this again. Doc did a assement and said if he cant take medicine orally, have to insert a pill thru his buttocks and placed under observation for 3 hrs. I also requested to have a bed for Marcus to rest in.

Marcus made a bit of a fuss about the pill inserting into his buttocks, afterwhich i told him to rest on the bed in the ward. He told me "dun want to sleep on bed, go outside to chair." i was like " pian..." i think the poor boy must have been frightened by the tubes and things he saw in the observation ward.

After the pill , doc also said every 15 mins for the next 3 hrs , i need to give him 30ml of the Dehydration Fluid. Imagine , Marcus was so dead beat till he fell asleep on the chairs in the waiting area. And i had to wake him every 15 mins to feed him the dehydration fluid with electrolytes. i was so dead tired.

At 4am , Doc reviewed him and say to continue the Dehydration fluid for the next 6 hrs, by the time me and Marcus got home , and in bed was already 5 am. and my customer is still having a meeting at 9am on Friday morning.

I had only about 2 -3 hrs of sleep and the whole of Friday during the meeting with the customer , i felt so sick , as i also have not fully recovered from my flu( fell sick on Monday ).

In the end Friday , i left office at 6 pm after the intense 8 hr meeting, but did not go home straight. I still dropped by Taka .... to check out what new items are there at the sale.( i think i was pushing my body a bit too hard)




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