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木曜日, 8月 09, 0019

is it me.. or the work...

Sometimes work is really taxing,sometimes at work i have to act a bastard, to get work done. Sometimes that happens to me from the upper management level. Oh Well work is work. At work , who are your friends?? is it those that try to finish whatever you tasked to do or those who try ways and means to avoid tasks. I really dun know.

Really cant understand some of the way my ppl below me are working, why cant they have the same mindset as me, wouldnt it make my job simpler.

Luckily i have a boss who i can manage. It is said if you can manage how your boss manages you, you are there.

ITs very wInDy ouTsiDe.. waNtEd to gO for a jog bUt loOks lIkE pLaNs mIgHt be put off.. lets wAiT..


Blogger Mockingbird said...

i think usually subordinates respond better and are more cooperative if a manager is more accomodating, friendly rather than one who barks orders at his subordinates.

Nobody likes a manager who makes unreasonable demands of his subordinates.

A popular manager is one who publicly praises a subordinate when he has done something right and privately corrects him (in a non-confrontational manner) when he has done something wrong.

金曜日, 8月 10, 0019 6:44:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

well i am accomodating.. but too many occurances just gets on my nerve

土曜日, 8月 11, 0019 12:33:00 午前  


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