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土曜日, 8月 18, 0019


wanted to go catch the Show - Bourne Ultimatum.. but just do not have the time.. Plan was to watch the midnight show, but wife seems unwell and Princess is making some ruckle the whole day today. Do not know what got into her.

Princess damaged my SCV modem and i was without Internet last night till i managed to get a replacement Modem from someone who posted on the forum that he was selling it.. Price $10.

Ok i will guide and give some info on how/what to do incase your StarHub Modem is spoilt and you do not want to spend $$ to get a brand new set from StarHub which most probably will set you back by $100.

1) Go search local IT forums Garage / Classifed pages -> VR Forum Garage or HWZ Garage or Yahoo Auction or Ebay Singapore

2) look for the item you want, contact or drop the seller a PM (Private Message) -> of course you need to register for a account there.

3) meet up with seller and agree on price of Modem. Ensure Seller has the MAC ID of the modem or it can be found on the sticker behind the modem.

4) Contact StarHub to check up on validity of the MAC address ensure that address is not blocked by Starhub. All Clear ... pay the guy and leave for home to install modem.

5) at this point on your way home, call Starhub again to activate this modem by quoting the MAC address to them. They will tell you its done and you can surf with the new modem. Upon reaching home , plug in modem and surf...

Today my IA student last day in office and we had a farewell lunch for him..


some pics of the 2 monsters


kawai des!!!



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