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金曜日, 8月 24, 0019

Friday... Seminar

Attended a Seminar at SwissHotel..nearly could not attend it due to work commitments.. but managed to handle the issues quickly.. and i could leave for the afternoon seminar..

its a Once a yr seminar organized by the Industry Defect Density Specialists






Also during the break time.. i slipped over to Suntec TRU to check it out.. and found that the Hotwheels 60th Anniversary cars are here.. but its ex $8 for a car... and there are 24 cars in the series...i wonder if i can complete all of it...
Read from a couple of Diecast Msg board and ppl were not very happy or excited with this release as the price was high..

Cars 01 to Cars 04


Cars 05 to Cars 08

Also a new HK company which appeared in the Diecast scene in Singapore. NewRay.. i am not too sure how long is Newray in this game... but the quality seems to be better as i can see the details in this 1:64 scale Ferrari trailer






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