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水曜日, 8月 08, 0019

am so tired

so tired .. of everything... work.. work .. work... fiak the work.. luckily the Taka sale is on this week, at least a place for me to outburst some fustration. I have to get another 500GB HDD soon.. am running out of HDD space...

got another 3 Ferrari Kits..yesterday evening..

the 348tb and the Ferrari 250

and i built the Bugatti and the 348... was surprised at the details and ease of assembly... took about an hour to build each car...


Hiaz the poor girl is coughing badly.. took her to the doc just now.. hope she recovers

this photo of her can see that she is very fair.. a lot of ppl say she is "ang moh girl"

Was at Taka last night .. and i also found the QSteer Hummer.. been hunting this set hi and lo.. at last found it...i actually tasked my bro to check out in HK when he is flying there next... now do not need him to get this liao.


Also found in Retail Tex Dinoco and Lizzie....



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