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日曜日, 8月 05, 0019

5th Aug.. 4 ys old!!!

He is 4 today.. waaa.. when me and mrs look back at the ups and downs we went through with Marcus... we were like.. "so many memories".. Luckily in this digital edge , all memories are easily stored in Digital pics.. unlike my generation where we have limited photos...

oh well.. todays plan..
1) collect cake at 10 am
2) clean both the kids up.. have lunch..
3) Simple BD celebration for Marcus

Also these are some of the new items i got from Taka yesterday afternoon..yes spent more $$

ABout $114.80
Ferraris....these are no longer available when i left Taka...


EPOCH 1/43 scale RC car... these are similar to the Kyosho Mini Z or comparable to the Tamiya Tamtech Series cars... for 39.90.. price wise is ok.. i wonder the usual price of 169.90 is true or not???

Additional Body kits



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