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日曜日, 7月 08, 0019


Had to go back for a meeting in the morning.. and i brought the rascal along... ha. he got bored at 1230pm and he started begging me to bring him home....oh well.. got home after having our lunch outside....but his appetite is not very good... told mrs to stop the medicine tonight as he no longer has the cough and blocked nose..

nothing much happen as i was at home the whole day coordinating action items for the Team in Japan...i am so tired..

Some Pics of them both .... we are trying to get Rachel to stand on her own.. we stopped letting her use the baby we noticed that she tend to tip toe now..




some of my Japan stuff from Amazon arrived.. at least i got my TOMYTEC set A factory building... i was missing this pc when i got them the last additional TOMIX train set is also arriving...




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