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日曜日, 7月 22, 0019

Sat / Sunday...

nothing much happen... just check out the sale at Tampines Metro .. as i heard from a buddy there were some HotWheels Classic going for $2 each... only managed to find 2 of them... hiaz.. he found 9 of them....well luck is luck..
Anyway this week i found my another Nissan Skyline T-Hunt.... on Monday...



Also this week Rachel could pull herself up to a standing position... Marcus pulled himself to a standing position much earlier....the only difference between the period when Marcus could pull himself up vs Rachel is that Marcus was not using any baby walker at all...

Look at her.. she gets herself stuck in odd position.. really wonder how she squeezed herself into that small gap.. by the time she could not get out.. she was screaming thats when i came out of the room to take a look and found her in this position.. Marcus had to also helped


Taken at Raffles MRT... :) as we were on the way to Taka to see a car show there....


Marcus luvs all the cars..






Simple BD celebration.. :)... nothing grand... as too busy with the 2 rascals...


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