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土曜日, 7月 07, 0019

Marcus is not feeling well

got the bad flu on Thursday.. brought him to the doc on thursday night.. and today he seems better... at least the small one is not infected by him...

Due to the JP customer issue , my boss and some senior management had to fly over the weekend to Osaka to have a weekend discussion.. and of course during discussion.. arrows are flying back to singapore.. and who is coordinating all this.. ME ...damm weekend spoilt... just now i just lost my temper at Marcus... dunno what happen.. i just snap...

Wife told me to go downstairs to get the younger's diapers and Marcus wanted to bring along the huge black .. i said "NO" and he insisted.. so i told him " You stay at home" off i went... he cried when i left...

Friday.. one of my buddy told me that there was a Great buy at BHG Bugis ( former Seiyu ).. it was a Majorette Official Ferrari Set.. and it was going for $15.. yes i said it right.. $15 only.. for a Official Ferrari i bought 2 sets on Sat..laving only 1 set.. and i found out the last pc was bought by another buddy...
Scale is 1/32.. and i luv it...
heres the pic






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