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金曜日, 6月 01, 0019

Friday n Saturday...

was on leave yesterday.. brought the little one for her 9 months assesment.. nothing much happen.. all normal stuffs and she is normal.. hehe

Also in the morning went to PCS at Senoko to collect my BenQ projector.. total repair cost $150.. my bulb need a change soon.. going to cost me $500..!!!...hiaz...

in the afternoon went to check out Taka Toys sale at the B2 Atrium area.. nothing much.. Hotwheels.. and also Pixar CARS.. i found the Ferrari F430.. yeah... this is the new series cars..and also some other new ones..

dun ask me to give any to you ... its tough finding them already...lucky Marcus did not ask me to open any of these



Some belated photos of Marcus trip to the Children Zoo..was a trip organised by the nursery class he is attending....look at him...and they did the choo chho train...

like wha Marcus always says.." Choo Choo train .. train driver .. "





Blogger Mockingbird said...

i found Lightning McQueen diecast at a Book Rental Shop at Far East Plaza going for a whopping $25 a piece! Anywhere i can get it cheaper?

金曜日, 6月 29, 0019 12:34:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

try Paragon Toys R Us

金曜日, 6月 29, 0019 11:25:00 午後  
Blogger Mockingbird said...

i saw a toy shop at Change Alley selling Lightning McQueen diecast for $19.90. How much is Paragon Toys 'R' Us selling it?

月曜日, 7月 09, 0019 1:59:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

$10.90 at Paragon TRU

月曜日, 7月 09, 0019 11:09:00 午後  


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