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日曜日, 6月 24, 0019

Watashi...blah blah blah..

damm.. a jap customer was here the whole week..and i had to entertain him.. during the office hours in the conf room... at least he went back on Friday...

hiaz...some late pics.. taken when i went out with Marcus last week





[taka04.jpg] my bro is in HK... forgot to tell him to look out for my stuffs

木曜日, 6月 14, 0019

Thursday.. and damm customer issue...

anyway.. life still goes on in office.. just that i will be busier these couple of days....

thats thats.... am waiting patiently for my train stuff to arrive at the japan store so those guys can send it out to me... i finally gotten the Lawson store....yeah!!!


will be a nice addition to my jap city layout

日曜日, 6月 10, 0019

Sunday.. Xavier's BD

today he attended one of his mates BirthDay Party.. Xavier.. his nursery mate.. he enjoyed mummy was not around to tell him not to eat too much fries...

haha sorry this pic was taken last night.. too lazt to moved it to last night's post...













Marcus has put on some weight based on this look at his chubby


Rachel has a tendency to pull out this long strip of plastic rod from her pram and gripe it in her mouth.. looks like she is ready for


土曜日, 6月 09, 0019

Sat... and another weekend...

brought the rascal for a swim.. and also dropped by taka to look see look see.. and found out that they were carrying the new ChoroQ Thomas set.. bought i set.. :)

Bought for Marcus Bugly at $9.95 as it was a offer item when you spend $30 and above on Tomy products


The ChoroQ Thomas n Friends

Also found these HiSpeed VW vans .. nice....

水曜日, 6月 06, 0019

Another yr older...

this day is the brithday of muah......hmmm..nothing happen...just took a days leave.. to spend a day with wife and family... .. so i am a yr older today...


火曜日, 6月 05, 0019

Some paper cutout link

bought some paper over the weekend .. to use on my mini city..

so far the quality of paper i used
1) 220 GSM - thick and good but some printers might not accept it
2) 160 GSM - not too thick great for paper cutouts
3) 120 GSM - ok to use for paper cutouts

a link for paper cutouts to keep your kids busy over the long holidays

avoid SEPOM photo paper.. damm bougth 2 packs even tot they are both A4 size , the actual size of the 2 packs are different.. seems when they were processing the paper at the facotry , the cutter had some offset.. and both packs are not really the same size....

Anime Fans Beware

read a report that a local firm ODEX is clamping down on anime dl

but seriously speaking.. ODEX should reflect on themselves.. how are the quality of the subbing of japanese anime?.. and how quick are they in releaseing new releases?.. look at Bleach i see its at Episode 127 now ( on Youtube ).. and recently sold in stores are just till Episode 51.. damm.. more than a yr behind if you assume that weekly 1 episode of Bleach is aired...

i need to migrate to japan soon..or i need to start picking up japanese lessons...


日曜日, 6月 03, 0019


no plans today.. so stayed at home.. last night worked till 2am wiring up my city...
those cheapo Takara Buildings i got a while back..

wired 8 little buildings.. took me nearly 30 mins each....dammm...the grey flooring is DIYed... using 3mm foam board.. $1 and painted with some arcylic paint...

need to find a suitable backdrop pic for my city...



土曜日, 6月 02, 0019

DHL Balloon Ride...

had a DuckTour Ballon ticket .. redeemed using some Credit Card points... for the adult ticket.. so i just bought a additional child one for Marcus..

the little one was so excited about the ride

The balloon goes to a height of 150 m above ground ( about 40 storeys )











金曜日, 6月 01, 0019

Friday n Saturday...

was on leave yesterday.. brought the little one for her 9 months assesment.. nothing much happen.. all normal stuffs and she is normal.. hehe

Also in the morning went to PCS at Senoko to collect my BenQ projector.. total repair cost $150.. my bulb need a change soon.. going to cost me $500..!!!...hiaz...

in the afternoon went to check out Taka Toys sale at the B2 Atrium area.. nothing much.. Hotwheels.. and also Pixar CARS.. i found the Ferrari F430.. yeah... this is the new series cars..and also some other new ones..

dun ask me to give any to you ... its tough finding them already...lucky Marcus did not ask me to open any of these



Some belated photos of Marcus trip to the Children Zoo..was a trip organised by the nursery class he is attending....look at him...and they did the choo chho train...

like wha Marcus always says.." Choo Choo train .. train driver .. "