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月曜日, 5月 14, 0019

Mothers Day..

oh well since i am on halfday leave today.. ( cause MOM is in japan , my auntie only can come tomorrow to help out...) so this is a late blog... normally i will blog on sunday night or so....

Marcus's Art class made a gift for mrs... was a stalk of Rose and a heart shape cutting attached to it... he showed it to me and said "its for mummy.. happy mother's day..."

Sat brought that rascal for a swim.. but timming was bad.. 12 noon and the sun was hot like hell.. the sun was a bit strong for him as after the swim at home.. he complained he was not feeling ok... but luckily after a long afternoon nap.. he seems fine in the evening...

ok next round go swimming at 10 am or after 4pm only...kena complain by mrs

Sunday.. went for a cycle on his tricycle with me jogging... i think its time to get him a "real" bicycle.. i promised him that his upcoming birthday.. he will get it...
he always tell me " 4yrs old papa buy bicycle"...

there was a pasa malan nearby and we went there.. whole family.. the 4 of
Marcus loved the rides there...but he got giddy after going on the viking swinging boat...




oh gosh.. this pic reseembles Marcus when he was a baby.. holding his bottle drinking.. a lot of people have mistaken Rachel for a boy. guess its her dressing....




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