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土曜日, 5月 26, 0019

Made some changes to my Town..and also GSS

hehehe.. my jap town setup.. printed a couple of road plates on photo paper.. and stuck them on a thick board.. and the effects with my jap building is superb..!!

These jap buildings are all bought from a online jap store.. Direct from Japan ..

Going to print more of these road plates ....





And This week is the start of the Great Singapore Sale.. whats so great.. as long as i get to buy my tomicas etc with discount i am happy....

Discovered the new line of PIXAR CARS at TakaShimaya and the TRU@Paragon also has heaps of them.....

got this in the Afternoon.. Samsung Ultra 12.9 - $38 have to get extra memory for the MP3 songs.. :)


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Blogger Shuumi said...

maybe can try to use macro mode for the shots. can get better focus on the objects.

日曜日, 5月 27, 0019 2:37:00 午後  


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