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水曜日, 5月 02, 0019

Family Photo

Marcus's class needed a family photo for his Art n Craft session.. so on Tuesday... we took a couple of pics.. and guess what.. when i tried extracting the photos from the CF card... nothing came out...i was like fiak... damm.. wasted out 1 hour posing and taking the pics..

When wife came to know about this , she was like hiaz.. should have used another card.. but thank goodness.. i searched the web.. tried a couple of File recovery program..

I recommend this program to all who has problem extracting files from your damaged media.. PC Inspector highly recommended by the Prawnking!!!.. best software so far.. i managed to recover 80% of the photos taken..

Family photo.. Marcus (3yrs 9 mths) , Rachel (8mths) , me and wife (old liao)

hiaz.. work wise.. i am so tired with work..hiaz.. but too bad.. cause of $M.. no choice.. tahan....



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