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木曜日, 5月 31, 0019

Vesak Day

Vesak day today... i remembered last time i used to go to the temple with my parents.. i also dun know why i was there for.. was suppose to help me in my studies.. but if i dun help myself.. no one will help me lar... i realised this when i was in Uni... lol.. better late than never...

Anyway.. today. brought that rascal for a swim .. weather was hot.. but it was good.... also i redid my Japan City layout... printed more road plates with road markings... now the city looks more real...and also added more buildings..

Mrs exclaimed where did i get so many buildings.. i told her this is just part of the collection i have.. there are more in the storeroom.. lol

All buildings and vehicles are from the Tomytec Series

all shipped from this great shop in Japan!!! Popondetta

i am glad i have most of the series buildings

・街並みコレクションR 第1弾(※メーカー在庫なし)
・街並みコレクション 第5弾(大型建物編)(※メーカー在庫なし)
・街並みコレクション 第4弾(駅前編)(※メーカー在庫なし)
・街並みコレクション 第3弾(横丁編)(※メーカー在庫なし)
・街並みコレクション 第2弾(※メーカー在庫なし)
・街並みコレクション 第1弾(※メーカー在庫なし)

TOMARE (止まれ)--"Stop"
Note that TOMARE (とまれ) will usually be written on the road as well.









A bird's eye view.. total size 3 x 3 A4 size printout glued on backing cardboard.. Total cost me < $10 to do this up... :) i am a happy kid... [city_view.jpg]

日曜日, 5月 27, 0019

Micro SD card 1 GB..

bought a 1GB card for my Samsung D900.. and it works flawlessly... wanted to get a 2GB one.. but read up on a lot of ppl having issue with the 2GB card.. so decided to hoot a 1 GB one .. cost me $14.... lol.. its cheap!!!...

a 2GB was going for $$28....knn.. memory card are getting cheaper and cheaper


Sunday is a trip to Sentosa.... first trip for Marcus.. for me its my third trip there in my life... :) went with my parents as they had some entry free pass...arrived at 930am..

weather was hot as expected.. and sunblock was handy...
1st Stop underwater World .. i would suggest to those who drive.. parking at the Underwater world is the best.. cause the $10 parking is redeemable in full when you purchase the entrance ticket to the Oceania... then you can take the free internal bus service to travel around the whole day!!

Saw the pink dolphins too... but seems Marcus was more interested in playing with the sand...

left the place at 1230 pm.. for lunch at Vivo the weather was too hot for walking....











土曜日, 5月 26, 0019

Made some changes to my Town..and also GSS

hehehe.. my jap town setup.. printed a couple of road plates on photo paper.. and stuck them on a thick board.. and the effects with my jap building is superb..!!

These jap buildings are all bought from a online jap store.. Direct from Japan ..

Going to print more of these road plates ....





And This week is the start of the Great Singapore Sale.. whats so great.. as long as i get to buy my tomicas etc with discount i am happy....

Discovered the new line of PIXAR CARS at TakaShimaya and the TRU@Paragon also has heaps of them.....

got this in the Afternoon.. Samsung Ultra 12.9 - $38 have to get extra memory for the MP3 songs.. :)


added 2 citizen


木曜日, 5月 24, 0019

Marcus Term End Assement..

Mrs had a 1 on 1 with Marcus's teacher.. a few comments like the teacher said" Marcus is the only one in the whole class who tells me what i am wearing is nice.." I was like hur.. when mrs told me this....hmmmm...

2. He is quick with matching.. meaning the teacher shows him a alphabet and he is able to match and point to the corresponding pic.. he was the fastest and most accurate...
3. Teacher also said he is the only one in class to pick up a song fast..
4. One thing he is lousy with listening to instructions.. he just like to do it his way....
5. He is the only one when given the task of drawing his family.. able to draw 4 circles with eyes, mouth and hair....hmmmm.....

oh well .. i am pleased with his progress...

月曜日, 5月 21, 0019

Mom came back from Japan..

and yes.. She got most of the items (95% of them).. and best of all she managed to get the t-shirt , cap and pencil case for will be a unique items for Marcus..especially the T-shirt and cap...


Rest of these items Grandma bought for marcus..

Daddy's toys...

Unique Tomica Subaru 360 cars.. these are built in the shop once you want them...

日曜日, 5月 20, 0019


wanted to get a new phone.. but cant really decide between these
Samsung D900 - $38
SE W810I - $98
SE W850I - $248
MotoRizr Z3 - $78

when i get my starhub voucher then i will ponder over this again...

Yesterday not much happen.. dropped by taisheng to check out what they have.. spent nearly $150 there...Stuffs i bought :
link 1
link 2

Evening dropped by Causeway point for dinner...bought Marcus a new pair of shoes.. since the shoe he is wearing to his nursery is a bit worn out..

That rascal infection has gone down... so much better.. thank goodness...

土曜日, 5月 19, 0019

Marcus really is a handful..

well we managed to keep him away from western Medicine for 3-4 weeks.. even my auntie who was here said " did he put on weight ".. Mrs smile...

well luck has to be the other way...Marcus caught some skin infection around the right nostril...and we had to bring him to a doc as 2 days later( Sat/ Today) , the rashes seem to multiply...The moment the doc saw it... "Skin infection " he said.. and my heart sank... hiaz.. Antibiotics.. Anti inflammable syrup... hiaz...he is on his second day course of medicine .. His rashes has reduced... so right now , i do not want him to loose his appetite, so far so good.

Poor boy....

月曜日, 5月 14, 0019

haha..strange.. got a mail asking about prawns...

ya.. i am pranwking.. but not interested in prawn


Mothers Day..

oh well since i am on halfday leave today.. ( cause MOM is in japan , my auntie only can come tomorrow to help out...) so this is a late blog... normally i will blog on sunday night or so....

Marcus's Art class made a gift for mrs... was a stalk of Rose and a heart shape cutting attached to it... he showed it to me and said "its for mummy.. happy mother's day..."

Sat brought that rascal for a swim.. but timming was bad.. 12 noon and the sun was hot like hell.. the sun was a bit strong for him as after the swim at home.. he complained he was not feeling ok... but luckily after a long afternoon nap.. he seems fine in the evening...

ok next round go swimming at 10 am or after 4pm only...kena complain by mrs

Sunday.. went for a cycle on his tricycle with me jogging... i think its time to get him a "real" bicycle.. i promised him that his upcoming birthday.. he will get it...
he always tell me " 4yrs old papa buy bicycle"...

there was a pasa malan nearby and we went there.. whole family.. the 4 of
Marcus loved the rides there...but he got giddy after going on the viking swinging boat...




oh gosh.. this pic reseembles Marcus when he was a baby.. holding his bottle drinking.. a lot of people have mistaken Rachel for a boy. guess its her dressing....


金曜日, 5月 11, 0019

Another Outing

rush back from work.. hiaz.. wanted to call my mom to tell her to sign Credit Card for my stuffs.. but could not get her on her phone during noon time ....

anyway dinner outside with Parents-In-Law

some pics


Currently listening to PetShop Boys - Its a Sin

水曜日, 5月 09, 0019


i guess its time to change some JPY to keep since exchange rate is so low now... $1290 for 100K Yen... cheap rate.....

oh i hope i can get some more tomicas soon... parents are going to Tokyo this coming Friday... yipee roo... i told my mom.. better go to tomica shop at tokyo JR station and get them for me.. have printed out a shopping list for her... and hopefully this round can get also a t-shirt for Marcus....

last round shummi went.. could not get the size as it was not avaliable...

日曜日, 5月 06, 0019

Rachel ah Rachel...

she is also a monster.. Marcus when he was 1 yr old.. spoilt my IXUS S330.. and now Rachel.. 8 mths old.. broke the tray of my DVD recorder... dammm...

look at the damage...i so heart pain...i managed to open the whole recorder..and glued it with a Solvent Glue...lucky i have this Solvent Glue..need to get more of it from Art Friend!!..


土曜日, 5月 05, 0019

Another Weekend...

another weekend has pass again ... Brought Marcus for a swim at Bukit Batok.. seems swimming is keeping his runny nose at bay.. 3weeks and counting .. not a drop of western medicine yet...looks good... and me and mrs also noticed that Marcus has gained some weight around his face....

In the morning dropped by SimLim Tower to pick up my custom made battery pack for my RC cars. wanted a NiCad Pack instead of NiMh.. well why i pick the former because of the power drop of curve.. NiCad has a slower power dip curve compared to NiMh.. thats why for all RC cars/planes and heli .. NiCd is recommended for Receiver Power...

Some Random pics taken over the weekend..




木曜日, 5月 03, 0019

jog jog..

have to lose some weight...gain a couple of kgs the past months....will start my regime again..working out on the thread mill in office...

today completed about 4.5 km on the thread mill.. legs are still ok...

read in the papers about someone who overworked i guess and collasped and pass away.. hiaz.. life is so fragile...

Read her blog.. looks really like she overworked herself... hiaz.. sometimes i also feel that what i really put into my current job is it worth all the time and effort... come home about 8 pm.. by the time i settle down.. its time for Rachel night sleep.. at least Marcus still accompany me till i sleep...

Marcus's Teacher complain about him being slow in writing.... do i need to worry... ??...

took this test and i am real or not...

IQ Test Score

Tomy Thomas WindUp Toys..

bought these a while back 2 months back when OG was having a 20% discount...but could not find some of them... anyway managed to find a online store and there were new ones... now i have the complete set...

these are cute..kawai des...


the new ones...

水曜日, 5月 02, 0019

Family Photo

Marcus's class needed a family photo for his Art n Craft session.. so on Tuesday... we took a couple of pics.. and guess what.. when i tried extracting the photos from the CF card... nothing came out...i was like fiak... damm.. wasted out 1 hour posing and taking the pics..

When wife came to know about this , she was like hiaz.. should have used another card.. but thank goodness.. i searched the web.. tried a couple of File recovery program..

I recommend this program to all who has problem extracting files from your damaged media.. PC Inspector highly recommended by the Prawnking!!!.. best software so far.. i managed to recover 80% of the photos taken..

Family photo.. Marcus (3yrs 9 mths) , Rachel (8mths) , me and wife (old liao)

hiaz.. work wise.. i am so tired with work..hiaz.. but too bad.. cause of $M.. no choice.. tahan....