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日曜日, 4月 29, 0019

Sat Sunday


hmmm..what did we do on Sat??... well only went to meet up a buddy of mine to collect a lipo battery he did not of course...and i used it on mine RC least now i do not have to worry my Transmitter battery are low... Lipo batteries are cool.. but dangerous when not handled properly .. i have read many cases of Lithium polymer batteries exploding when not charge correctly.....Just a caution note.. you cant charge a Lithium Polymer battery with a normal NiCad or Nimh charger..



In the afternoon .. me and Marcus went to Far East to have lunch.. ya.. at the 5th floor chicken rice store.. it was crowded and we waited like 5 mins for a place to sit.... guess what .. this is the only eatery where Marcus will finish his whole plate of rice.. me and wife were surprised...afterwhich we dropped by Isetan to check out some sale...but nothing in the end went

Evening went to NTUC ..and boy was Rachel tired.. look at her.. she nodded to sleep in the pram..every moment she nodded..she will open her eyes


Wife's mother birthday.. so went to their place...on Sunday....






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