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土曜日, 4月 21, 0019

Sat.. RC car....

Weather for this week has always been raining in the evening / late afternoon... oh well ..

Sat... did not do much... set up my Kyosho Spider MKII car with the sponge tires i bought last week from TaiSing..and tried the car in the morning at the multi Storey Carpark at my ran well... at least engine started even after storage for nearly a yr since i last played it...



In the Afternoon brought Marcus for a swim.. i think swimming helps his runny nose.. eversince i brought him to swim last week.. his nose has been fine....i am counting how long.. :)..

After swim , we had lunch at West Mall.. after which i wanted to bring Marcus to Toykar at Beauty World.. but decided against it as he must be tired after the swim....

Evening went to Plaza to do some grocery..

i dunno why.. but lately.. i have no mood to work...hiaz... too stress at work i guess... i enjoy my weekends the most now.. and i will make sure i either fly or drive... next week have to get heli nitro/fuel more heli fuel.. left car fuel...



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