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土曜日, 4月 14, 0019


Sat today...and damm... Rachel had a relapse...had to bring her down to the pade again..this week $250 spent on her... damm.. that amount of money i can zing my buggy or buy more diecast very well..

oh well..damm...earn more $$.. looks like spend more $$.. and all these $$ spent on pade is not well spent $$... KNN .... sometimes i wonder the way we are bringing up our kids is the right way or not??... i really wonder....hiaz.....

Actually wanted to do some bashing with a friend at 9am..but had to bring Rachel to the Pade... hiaz....

oh well while.. at Thomson Medical Center after seeing the Pade , stop over at the gift shop at ground store as i saw that they were selling HotWheels Cars...and boy was i glad i made a stop to check out the cars....i found my second T-Hunt car since i started this diecast collection... and its the 2006 Mustang Car...yeah!!


so once i was back..1030 in the morning... took a quick shower..and off i went with Marcus... a Uni friend Baby's one month today and he invited me over...but before going to his and Marcus went to Taising.. spent about $15 there... bought a 3 for $10 item.. and damm the bus i bought Marcus previous from OG at $9 . was going uinder the category of 3 for $10 ones....i will not buy anymore toys for Marcus from other places..except at TaiSing!!!!


some pics of outing in Town


Marcus has a craze over my 1/8 scale buggy..he would take the car and push round the house....




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