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金曜日, 4月 06, 0019

Good Friday....

was on leave yesterday..machiam like not on leave like call keep on calling me....damm..KNN....

drop Marcus off at class first(9am) then i rush to town to get some tools/screws for my buggy....wife keep on complaining how come i need to keep on going to buy i buggy have to stock up on some essential...

oh the stuffs i need and then went to pick Marcus back from his the night had to make another trip down to Winnie's cause the nylon tube connecting the exhaust broke...wife complain again....anyway parts cost me only $ its not like those heli parts which are more ex...

Friday met up my buddy who also has a get him to tune my least managed to tune my my high end speed is higher...i can feel it....and also the engine temp is at a cool 90 C





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