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日曜日, 4月 29, 0019

Sat Sunday


hmmm..what did we do on Sat??... well only went to meet up a buddy of mine to collect a lipo battery he did not of course...and i used it on mine RC least now i do not have to worry my Transmitter battery are low... Lipo batteries are cool.. but dangerous when not handled properly .. i have read many cases of Lithium polymer batteries exploding when not charge correctly.....Just a caution note.. you cant charge a Lithium Polymer battery with a normal NiCad or Nimh charger..



In the afternoon .. me and Marcus went to Far East to have lunch.. ya.. at the 5th floor chicken rice store.. it was crowded and we waited like 5 mins for a place to sit.... guess what .. this is the only eatery where Marcus will finish his whole plate of rice.. me and wife were surprised...afterwhich we dropped by Isetan to check out some sale...but nothing in the end went

Evening went to NTUC ..and boy was Rachel tired.. look at her.. she nodded to sleep in the pram..every moment she nodded..she will open her eyes


Wife's mother birthday.. so went to their place...on Sunday....




日曜日, 4月 22, 0019


Last night Rachel was "disfigured" by Marcus... the rascal drew on her face....did not take a clearer shot of her...


and we tried Rachel in Marcu's old baby chair..she luved it so much... lol

sis-in-law was also at our place..yesterday

In the afternoon..went to Sim Lim Square with Marcus... and saw those stupid cow ads again...

Hands full of POPCORNS!!!


土曜日, 4月 21, 0019

Sat.. RC car....

Weather for this week has always been raining in the evening / late afternoon... oh well ..

Sat... did not do much... set up my Kyosho Spider MKII car with the sponge tires i bought last week from TaiSing..and tried the car in the morning at the multi Storey Carpark at my ran well... at least engine started even after storage for nearly a yr since i last played it...



In the Afternoon brought Marcus for a swim.. i think swimming helps his runny nose.. eversince i brought him to swim last week.. his nose has been fine....i am counting how long.. :)..

After swim , we had lunch at West Mall.. after which i wanted to bring Marcus to Toykar at Beauty World.. but decided against it as he must be tired after the swim....

Evening went to Plaza to do some grocery..

i dunno why.. but lately.. i have no mood to work...hiaz... too stress at work i guess... i enjoy my weekends the most now.. and i will make sure i either fly or drive... next week have to get heli nitro/fuel more heli fuel.. left car fuel...

土曜日, 4月 14, 0019


Sat today...and damm... Rachel had a relapse...had to bring her down to the pade again..this week $250 spent on her... damm.. that amount of money i can zing my buggy or buy more diecast very well..

oh well..damm...earn more $$.. looks like spend more $$.. and all these $$ spent on pade is not well spent $$... KNN .... sometimes i wonder the way we are bringing up our kids is the right way or not??... i really wonder....hiaz.....

Actually wanted to do some bashing with a friend at 9am..but had to bring Rachel to the Pade... hiaz....

oh well while.. at Thomson Medical Center after seeing the Pade , stop over at the gift shop at ground store as i saw that they were selling HotWheels Cars...and boy was i glad i made a stop to check out the cars....i found my second T-Hunt car since i started this diecast collection... and its the 2006 Mustang Car...yeah!!


so once i was back..1030 in the morning... took a quick shower..and off i went with Marcus... a Uni friend Baby's one month today and he invited me over...but before going to his and Marcus went to Taising.. spent about $15 there... bought a 3 for $10 item.. and damm the bus i bought Marcus previous from OG at $9 . was going uinder the category of 3 for $10 ones....i will not buy anymore toys for Marcus from other places..except at TaiSing!!!!


some pics of outing in Town


Marcus has a craze over my 1/8 scale buggy..he would take the car and push round the house....


日曜日, 4月 08, 0019


nothing much happen...also made a trip down to OG Albert to check out what else they had..and found a Cute Choro Police Car....this was $30 previously..and guess TaiSing must be clearing stocks...

Marcus luv this police car..its was so easy for him to needed one hand



Today Sunday...brought him out for a hair cut too...


In the afternoon..brought Marcus out with me to see me play the buggy off road...but dammm...did not even ran one tank and there was some radio in the end...also the damm engine pull start gave me some more problems...hahah...another trip to the hobby shop at NorthBridge Road.. TaiSing.. to buy the Hex least do not have to worry about pull start snapping...



at TaiSing...waaa...sibeh many toys....too bad Marcus did not follow me as he was dead tired after taking his medicine....these are the toys i bought..good buy...damm..found out that the container truck i bought for Marcus at 9.90 from OG was a rip off...managed to get the same model from TaiSing at $6..and its solid Diecast...


金曜日, 4月 06, 0019

Good Friday....

was on leave yesterday..machiam like not on leave like call keep on calling me....damm..KNN....

drop Marcus off at class first(9am) then i rush to town to get some tools/screws for my buggy....wife keep on complaining how come i need to keep on going to buy i buggy have to stock up on some essential...

oh the stuffs i need and then went to pick Marcus back from his the night had to make another trip down to Winnie's cause the nylon tube connecting the exhaust broke...wife complain again....anyway parts cost me only $ its not like those heli parts which are more ex...

Friday met up my buddy who also has a get him to tune my least managed to tune my my high end speed is higher...i can feel it....and also the engine temp is at a cool 90 C



火曜日, 4月 03, 0019

HoBao Hyper 8 Buggy

the buggy i got recently is a HoBao Hyper 8.. its a 1/8 scale buggy..meaning its busy over the weekend stripping the car and cleaning it inside out...and look how clean it is after i clean it out...and in the process of cleaning and stripping out the car..i also damaged the screws holding the engine down on the base its back to the shops this coming weekend to get the screws....hiaz....



日曜日, 4月 01, 0019

Sunday...April Fool...

nothing much happen today except friend told me OG Albert has some offer on ChoroQ products...apprently they were clearing all ChoroQ items...and in the end .. i spent nearly $100 there....oh well.. also the big size Choro i got previous free is selling at a cheap price of $9.95 ( this one )

these are the ones i bought today




you can see my mini NGauge city in the background..