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日曜日, 3月 11, 0019


damm... deffered reservist on thursday..and who knows... on Friday..felt slightly sick the whole day in office...feverish..and both my lympnodes behind my ear were swollen... went to see the doctor in the night..doc said lympnodes swollen is a indication of a viral infection .. example measles..etc...

went home..change for shower...and damm.. saw two blister on my arms...( could not noticed it at first , cause of the long sleeves i wear to work )

the next day (sat) went to the doc to confirm its the dreaded pox....damm damm.. i now worry for Marcus... i hope after 2 weeks he show no symptoms of the chicken pox...

well wife told me to isolate myself at my parents here i am at my parents place....

My wife has to be strong now.. to be alone and taking care of the 2 rascals....hopefully she can cope....



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