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土曜日, 3月 24, 0019

Chicken Pox again...!!!!

its now Marcus who got it....there were some symptons hinting us

Symptom 1
...last night i felt he was a bit feverish....check his temp...normal...hmmm..

Symptom 2
this morning wife told me he kept on hinting he wanted to throw up...but nothing....

Symptom 3
then he went to sleep... 8am to 10 am

Symptom 4 noon time...pox started to appear....

wife panicked....hiaz...told me to bring marcus to parents place to stay..i told here..let it use bringing him to my parents place as my bro also has not gotten chicken pox..and he has a couple of flight test coming in the next month...he cant afford any MC... furthermore.. mom's place no proper place to sleep...i doubt Marcus would be able to adapt to it...

brough him down to the GP downstairs ... as my GP friend told me there is a syrup version of Acyclovir.. called Zoxarin... this is a very effective medicine in supressing the pox viral from mutiplying..i was presricbed the tablet version when i got it 2 weeks back...
At least armed with this sort of information , we are able to ensure Marcus do not suffer too much like what my wife suffered when she had the pox when she was young.. .. whole body onslaught of pox mark....
Acyclovir (Zovirax) is an anti-viral drug that may be used to treat chicken pox. In
uncomplicated cases acyclovir taken 5 times a day has been shown to cause
shorter periods of new lesion formation, fewer lesions, and more rapid healing
but only if started within 24 to 48 hours of the onset of the rash. Acyclovir
has not been shown to decrease the rate of complications in otherwise healthy
children who get chicken pox. Oral acyclovir is more strongly recommended for
children with underlying skin disease such as eczema,
newborns, adults, and smokers since this group is at greater risk for
complications. IV acyclovir is used for people with compromised immune systems.



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