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土曜日, 2月 03, 0019

Saturday.. 2 weekends to CNY

Yr of the pig...coming... :) 2 more weekends...this weekend...then Chinese New Year liao!!!

so morning went down to POSB Bank to queue to change some new notes for the wrapping of "Ang Pow" the Prosperity Pack from POSB Bank...

i dun know when this thing was implemented..but i find it stupid to also record down your details when you are changing money..the bank asked me for my name , mobile and IC number for accounting prupose they say...bullshit i the end..just gave them my name as mickey

evening dropped by IMM..and found that the capsules machine has a YUJIN TOmica Hyper Resuce Miniature vehicles...just the right scale for my NScale City...

here are some pics of the yujin cars....$1 each....


Anonymous 匿名 said...

it may be a little stupid that u need to fill in your particulars for notes exchange...
but i guess the bank staff will have to do it coz i know that every piece of note that they take in n out is capture by their system. and they are exchanging for so many people the whole day throughout, thus there are possibilities that they give more or less amt to people, and at least with the particulars, they can trace back

土曜日, 2月 24, 0019 1:08:00 午前  


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