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金曜日, 1月 05, 0019


i tot the rascal will not cry...well kids are kids...and he is too attached to me...second day in school..he cried "Pa pa .." my heart soften when i saw his face....hiaz....

3rd day .. he told me to queue up with him to go to class.." PaPa go school..Melvin go School"....yeah..he knows my all the parents and teachers knows my name cause when the teacher grab him to the class he cried shouting my name" Melvin come .. Melvin come..." i was like ...gosh.....

thats for the 1st week in school....thank god its Friday...

well i was on leave the whole of 1st week of 2007..and so many thing happen in office...damm... stress.....

oh well work is work...anyway during my leave this week manged to clear some long overdue stuffs..
1) Fitting in the new OS46 engine into my heli..way over due...( bought the engine like a yr
2) installed a new 320GB HDD into my 24/7 system for Naruto / Bleach..and now Death Note... ( system was down for 2 - 3 months no time to installed new HDD )
3) troubleshooted my mum's PC...HDD spoilt..need to RMA
4) changed sofa set cover to prepare for CNY
5) tidied up the toys i gotten last few months...



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