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水曜日, 1月 10, 0019

Off today..

plant shutdown today .. so am on leave at home...

decided last evening to drop by Canon to collect my camera...

paid 199 for the Izoom and since i heavy user like one of my friends said..i decided to go for the $90 .. 2 yr extended warranty package...also a surpise for CANON IXUS S330 ( my first Digi CAM ) was repaired FOC.. apparently CANON felt that it was a CCD issue..but little did they know what really happened... Image Hosted by

so all my canon babies sitting here...i have 3 CANON cams now...i am a CANON luver

just dropped MArcus off at his class..he has grown up...said bye bye to me and went into class with not a shed of tears.... i was happy with joy..




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