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水曜日, 1月 03, 0019

Marcus's First day in School... hr in the morning least Rachel will have some peaceful sleep.

Will Marcus at first refuses to change into his uniform...i had to get him to wear his uniform at the main door...afterwhich mrs had already changed..and again he refuses to go...kept on saying "Papa bring .. PaPa bring..

mrs was fumming mad as she had already changed ..and so i brought him...was surprised that he stayed in the class with me being able to leave for home...

well .. when he came home..he was excited..and kept on saying "Tomorrow come back see you"...

Also had some time to grop by the hobbyshop to get some parts to mount by bigger sized heli cost me < $40... now i need time to trim the heli again and retune the engine to my liking....



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