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月曜日, 1月 01, 0019

Happy New Yr 2007

Happy New Yr to all..2007 is here .. new yr new beginning..

did nothing much on eve except went down to Isetan and Taka to check out sales with Marcus...and guess what there is a cheap PlaRail Tomy Train set on considering the items you are getting...tracks , building , a tori , mountain , couple of plakids , a station and train 3 carriages .

Also this Bulgy Road Track system is 29.95 at Taka when we got there...Marcus saw it and said papa when i saw it.. decided to buy it...oh well i am still a kid..

heres's his whole complete track system....

A photo to sum up the yr 2006 in his life... :D..could not fit all photos in...

another more condense one...



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