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月曜日, 1月 08, 0019

Canon rocks..or not??

i dunno if you consider good or not..recently my other pocket canon IXUS I cam got problem..knn...took came out all lines..see pic below..

so i took the cam down last week to canon service center to have it checked out..and see if can get a free repair..haha..

Guess what..Canon Service center called me today..and say its the lens issue and replacement plus service charge will cost $199.. the guy on the phone said...but there is another plus to this he said "As the part would be avaliable only in Late feb , we are offering a new Ixus I Zoom to you at the same price..but with 3 month warranty only...."... i was hmmm.... is the set a reconditioned set??..well the guy said its a new set and not to worry..if i want i can extend the warranty by paying a fee.....i was like ok..lets see first...

also at the same time i sent in the Ixus S330 which Marcus spolit a while back... i also hope that the part is not avaliable..and i get a new cam too.. :D

lets see...hmm the specs of the Canon Ixus Zoom not bad wor...




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