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土曜日, 1月 27, 0019

bad week

very sian this whole issues...damm it... dun understand how come some ppl can be some "niaw chee niaw lan" damm.. ex employees are arse holes...

thats that.....

Saturday...took Marcus to see the Padetric again..wife wants his runny nose to be perfect...he has been having a runny nose on and off..and this week he started coughing with some flam....hiaz...cost me $170 today...hiaz...

wanted to buy a 1/8 buggy from some having second tots...

anyway after doc trip..went to town to run some errands..
  • Send HDD for RMA ..hopefully within a week i get it back
  • Drop by Winnie's to buy some dean plug for my heli.. cant afford to have a failure due to poor connection.
  • also went to SimLim Tower to get a replacement motor for Rachel's Pram Fan....

after which me and Marcus dropped by OG..and the new No 78 Bus is in...hehehe...lucky did not get Shummi to get it..



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