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日曜日, 12月 17, 0018


my Ngauge stuff arrive on sat...naa..not my train set..train set i had it delivered by surface..and its still not here yet..1 month has pass since i ordered...the item that arrived was another order i placed..placed it on wed..item arrived sat...Air

Details of the bus is great!!!

TomyTec Vol 9 Buss Collection
Machinimi Collection Vol 4 (Re-Release)

Dropped by JohnLittle / seiyu Bugis today, saw Sat's paper there was a THomas set on offer..29.95 plus additional 20% for cardmember at John went to Orchard Branch..and bought it..the Sodor Loader Set...there were 2 types of offer..the other was a Cleaning Stop for Thomas...too simple...

Marcus was delighted with the Sodor set ... some pics of his set...the track setup has changed a bit....also bought him The Lady....the purple set...

Found out that after fixing the Sodor set...track was short of 1 set....i made another trip alone down to town to get a extra tracks...



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