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土曜日, 12月 30, 0018


Damm HDB contractors...i suspect the screws used are not the approved ones..problem is..... recently this week my main door had difficulty would be very tight and seems the door is not aligned properly to the frame... Friday night.. i took down the main door and guess what..the screws used were all brass screws!!!... the ones holding the hinge to the door and also the ones holding the door to the frame.....fiak...what the hell is HDB contractors thinking brass screws to hold a 150 kg door...dammm...luckily that night i had already prepared ..i have bought SS screws from my neighbourhood hardware shop and replaced all sixteen screws...guess what..some of the screws on the top hinge had already given way at the head of the screw..thus the reason for the misaligned door...damm..!!!

i worked till 1130 pm replacing all screws....

Saturday was a fine day today ... straight away after office in the morning 10am ( this week my turn to cover weekend ) went down to town to get some replacement screws for my house's main Door.... to change the ones holding the hinge to the metal frame...

look at the condition of the brass screws..some of the screws have been stripped off the threads when the contractor were screwing in...damm...low class workmanship....

After getting the screws from town ( cost me $5 for 20 pcs of stainless steel set screws for the hinges) went home and replaced all the brass my door is algined properly again..and will last ages... :D

Total Screws replaced
Door Hinge - 16 self tapping screws (SS)
Door Frame - 16 set screws (SS)

A slight note of caution...pls have at least another person to help out...the door is damm heavy...i struggled with it on Friday night..and now my arm muscles are arching...machiam i did 100 bench presses...



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