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土曜日, 12月 02, 0018


had to go to office in morning for an cover operations meeting..and after that got home...the whole night was thinking should i have gotten the Large Scale Tie Figher from TRU Suntec....and the evil melvin said.." you should have gotten it "

oh well that got the better of me..and decided to go down to TRU Suntec again to buy the Star Wars Large Scale Tie Fighter..its huge...see the pic which i took after we got home in the night...its as big as MArcus's

well after buying it..and we dropped by town for some window shopping...came across OG having a 20% off for this weekend so bought a thomas and friends expansion set from OG for Marcus

while we were at Suntec , there was a "Magic on ICE" show..Marcus wanted to watch so let him be....accompanied him throught out the show...the show is called sleeping beauty...fairy tales..

other pics we took in town..



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