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木曜日, 12月 28, 0018

My Shinkansen is here!!!!

the box arrived in the afternoon..wife called..dah...need to pay GST somemoew as amt exceeded $400...told the store not to attached invoice on box front..damm japanese so straight...

Marcus was asking me wife to open open open the box the whole he was buzzing round the box the whole afternoon like a bee around a pot of honey...Well he was excited was i...when home early after work...

The box was really huge...lots of air space..knn...smaller box could have save some more $$

but anyway..heres the pic....yeah..i am a happy big boy...:)

Marcus was begging me to give him one of the train head when i kept the set for the night...he begged me and wife...and in the end..lucky i had a BanDai replica of the same train head..same scale.. $6 only...passed that to him..and he was happy...
but i cant bluff him for long..he will realise it sooner or later...

tomorrow night i will install one of the TomyTec Train station i got a while back... :)


Blogger Mickell said...

super cool! :D

金曜日, 12月 29, 0018 4:55:00 午後  


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