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日曜日, 12月 17, 0018

Great weekend..... more weekend to Christmas.. and places were having town..

Weekend was wet and cold...and going to town by bus was hell...buses would get jam for at least 30 get from Lucky Plaza ( beginning of Orchard Road ) to Plaza Singapure ( nearly end of Orchard Road ) i think walking would be

This weekend marks the first real outing we had as afamily...Rachel was out with us...Marcus was so busy helping us to push the was also his first time with Rachel out....and boy did he get on our nerves...dropped by Suntec and Carrefour..

was surprised that Rachel did not sleep much thru the trip...the most she slept was 30 the foodcourt when we were having our dinner...she must have been we are trying to shift her from the "yao lan" to sleep on bed...tough time for me and mrs at sleep ..need to get her used to sleeping a a flat surface...

RaScal at Carrefour...pushing around the whole place...

got home at 9:45..and by the time settle the two was 10:30..Marcus was so tired cause he did not have his afternoon nap....he slept after we cleaned him up....



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