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月曜日, 11月 27, 0018

Canon Cam ready for collection..

hiaz...wanted to go collect my Ixus 500 today..but now sky dark dark...Woodlands to Harbour Front need at least an hour....with rain..forget it...i think i will try my luck tomorrow...Canon says its a CCD issue..and repair is free

Rain Rain Go Away...PrawnKing want to collect his Cannon Cam...

Heres the link for Canon CCD notice
Affected Models :
Digital Cameras
PowerShot A60
PowerShot A70
PowerShot A75
PowerShot A300
PowerShot A310
Digital IXUS V3
Digital IXUS II
Digital IXUS IIs
PowerShot A40
PowerShot A80
PowerShot A85
PowerShot A95
PowerShot S1 IS
PowerShot S60
Digital IXUS V2
Digital IXUS 330
Digital IXUS 400
Digital IXUS 430
Digital IXUS 500




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