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水曜日, 11月 29, 0018

Collected the CAM from Canon

.. they changed the whole CCD unit..meaning lens and everything to do with the CCD....its now like a new cam...

took some sample pics..


月曜日, 11月 27, 0018

Some pics taken on Sunday at Marina Square...

was down in Orchard in the morning to deal with some buyer for Blank DVDs...settled both deals in 10 mins at Orchard MRT...decided to check out Art Friend at Taka for Styrene sheets...but no luck..the thickness i wanted was sold out....

saw a new type of RC heli being sold at the toys departement store.. cost about but not like the real RC Heli i fly... good as a toy for Marcus...but i doubt it will last...

Hotwheels.. managed to find the elusive Ferrari 512 in Silver..and the AMG Merc....well those that follow my blog...go check out TANGS Orchard...there are heaps of AMG Merc over there....but all Ferraris I have wiped them off the pegs..Sorry but i really luv the Ferraris

Also new Cars Tikam machine at my place....$1 per try...i have nearly all of them...but missing FLO / MACK / Chicks....damm have 3 of Lugi / Guido and that stupid COW btw if you happen to see these Tikam machines in Town..chances are it will be empty...saw 2 of these machines outside Marina Square Giant..and both are emptied...

Canon Cam ready for collection..

hiaz...wanted to go collect my Ixus 500 today..but now sky dark dark...Woodlands to Harbour Front need at least an hour....with rain..forget it...i think i will try my luck tomorrow...Canon says its a CCD issue..and repair is free

Rain Rain Go Away...PrawnKing want to collect his Cannon Cam...

Heres the link for Canon CCD notice
Affected Models :
Digital Cameras
PowerShot A60
PowerShot A70
PowerShot A75
PowerShot A300
PowerShot A310
Digital IXUS V3
Digital IXUS II
Digital IXUS IIs
PowerShot A40
PowerShot A80
PowerShot A85
PowerShot A95
PowerShot S1 IS
PowerShot S60
Digital IXUS V2
Digital IXUS 330
Digital IXUS 400
Digital IXUS 430
Digital IXUS 500


日曜日, 11月 26, 0018

Signed up Insurance Policy for Rachel..

last week had some time...called up my NTUC income insurance to sign up 2 policy for make it fair..Marcus has 2..Rachel has 2..... Total Insurance per month i am paying plus mine is $ a lot...

was surfing the web..and came across a company in Bedok Selling Arcylic sheets
Top Point Plastic Supplies Pte Ltd
Blk 3016 Bedok North Avenue 4
#02-24 Eastech Singapore 489947
Tel: 6841 3700 (3 lines)
Fax: 6841 4700

Prices from them seems fair...4ft x 6 ft 3mm thick Clear Arcylic Sheet $35....will check out one of these days

土曜日, 11月 25, 0018

Sat...went out....wooo..

ok sent in my Canon Cam on Monday ..and yesterday got a SMS text from them saying its ready for collection.. Price of reapir $0..cause they say its the CCD malfunction...KNN.looks like this CCD issue is very typical among Digital Cams...recently 2 days back...Sony also announced a recall..

Sony Corp. said Friday it would recall eight types of Cyber-shot digital cameras due to a defect, dealing a fresh blow to the company's reputation for quality as it struggles to get back on its feet.

Sony said users may have problems viewing images when trying to take photographs due to a glitch with the image sensor.

It declined to say how many digital cameras would be affected by the recall.

The affected cameras -- DSC-F88, DSC-M1, DSC-T1, DSC-T11, DSC-T3, DSC-T33, DSC-U40 and DSC-U50 -- were sold at home and overseas between September 2003 and January 2005, the electronics giant said.

"In high-temperature and humid circumstances, the digital cameras may fail to show image through the viewer," a company spokeswoman said, adding that the company would exchange defective parts free of charge.

The move comes hot on the heels of recalls of about 10 million Sony-made batteries by computer markers including Dell, Apple, Toshiba as well as Sony itself because of fears they could overheat and catch fire.

It is not the first time that Sony has been stung by technical problems.

In 2003, the company was forced to recall a popular range of digital cameras due to battery defects, followed by 340,000 television sets.

Last year, Sony recalled 3.6 million adaptors for its popular PlayStation 2 game console worldwide because of a risk of injury from overheating as well as 16,000 liquid crystal display televisions sold in Japan due to a default.

Sony, which has been under going major restructuring including 10,000 job cuts, posted a second-quarter operating loss of 20.8 billion yen (180 million dollars) as it wrestles with huge costs from defective battery recalls.

Sony has also suffered technical problems with the Playstation 3 due to problems with the high-definition DVD player.

Last week Sony separately said users of the newly launched PlayStation 3 may have problems trying to play games designed for older versions of the console.

lucky mine repair is free..else its a new cam for me again... :D

went down to town with the that he will not be home disturbing seems that he is very naughty..wife kept on complaining..that he will hit Rachel when we are not looking...and shake her rocker when she is in there....
Jealousy?...i guess so...tried explaining to him and still does not seem to get to what i did was try spending more time with him on weekend...


日曜日, 11月 19, 0018

weekend here..

something happen..but do not want to talk about it here...personal....

anyway...cant believe it..this month my Credit card bill is nearly all the spending is due to Mass Ordering stuff from the US for people...what we do is we combine what we want to get..each pay a deposit..and i put in the order to get the stuff sent to singapore...overall its cheaper..and each persons shipping cost is lesser..

oh well...thats that......checked out the Art Friend Branch at Ngee Ann City...must say this...dun go there...the range of items there are really limited....i rather still buy from the Bras Basah branch...

well this weekend started scratchbuilding some N Scale items...first try...a Bus stand....simple and easy to the chemical Solvent to join the styrene parts together....

not too i need to add on the roof..and its next scratchbuild item will be the Sony Building at Ginza, Tokyo.....i have most of the pics of various angles of the building....

ok...wife complain pics of is a update pic of

she has grown....but she also very good ..easy to take care compared to Marcus..its like heaven and

日曜日, 11月 12, 0018

was out...

in town...and VivoCity...took some pictures....also dropped by ArtFriend at BrasBesah...and found out some scale materials for Ngauge Train modelling...i managed to get 2 pieces of styrene for pavement...items were from EverGreen

土曜日, 11月 11, 0018

Friday..Christmas Light up at Orchard

was down at Orchard with Marcus after dinner ... to check out sale at TakaShimaya...
Was Surprised that Marcus said Jingle Bell Jingle Bell..Jingle all the way...we did not teach him that....oh well kids these days are smarter..and quicker in picking up things....

last few days got some reports of kids feet getting caught on the escalator... after reading the news and seems all were wearing resin clogs...either the real stuff or fake stuff ... both incidents involved resin clogs...

well we got Marcus a pair..and only allow him to wear them at home...of course not the crazy priced ones...this pair..3.90 only....

金曜日, 11月 10, 0018

i cant ask for help..

busy week at work...settled quite a bit of stuffs...

a reader from France wrote to me ..enquiring on my FireLap truck which i bought a while back.....i will drop by town to find out the cost of the Kyosho MiniZilla

a article on CNA made me a bit questionable on what sort of debate they do in Parliament
MPs decry whinging Singaporeans, call for soul searching
By Leong Wee Keat, TODAY Posted: 10 November 2006 0818 hrs

SINGAPORE: Instead of harping on what the Government can do to bridge the social divide, the spotlight in Parliament on Thursday fell on Singaporeans. And there were some home truths told, too.

"A nation of complainers" and "a society increasing reliant on the Government for help" were among the sadder - and harsher - labels mentioned. Member of Parliament for Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman started the ball rolling when he called for "reflection and soul searching" among Singaporeans. Dr Maliki noted Singaporeans had become increasing reliant on an "efficient system" that handles issues on the municipal and national level. He said: "When the lift landing of our flat is not clean … we call the town council; when there are mosquitoes in the neighbourhood, we call the NEA (National Environment Agency) … if things don't improve, we go to our MPs or tell the media."

While not advocating that the Government be taken out of the "equation", Dr Maliki hopes to see that the "responsibility to make the society work rests not only on those in the chamber", but also on "the collective interlocking hands of four million Singaporeans". For example, he wanted Singaporeans to reflect on what they, and not the Government, had done to strengthen resilience within their own families.

MP for Marine Parade GRC Lim Biow Chuan called on Singaporeans to be more gracious and compassionate and said Singapore is fast becoming a nation of complainers. While the Government can set the tone, he urged Singaporeans to be "encouragers" - not only in encouraging fellow citizens, but also pushing the society to be an inclusive and cohesive one.

"What makes a country great? It is not just the laws … the efficiency or the beautiful buildings but the people that make it great," Mr Lim said.

East Coast GRC MP Ms Jessica Tan urged Singaporeans and the Government to also provide an environment where "people can run their own race". Using the example of a weekend running club, which she is a member of, Ms Tan said the encouragement from each other helps members to complete their runs. Likewise, she hoped that such encouragement would make "the journey much better" for all Singaporeans. - TODAY

sad..when i read some of the we are complain king..and we should settle issues ourselves?...

Dr Maliki noted Singaporeans had become increasing reliant on an "efficient system" that handles issues on the municipal and national level. He said: "When the lift landing of our flat is not clean … we call the town council; when there are mosquitoes in the neighbourhood, we call the NEA (National Environment Agency) … if things don't improve, we go to our MPs or tell the media."

come on lar....lift landing not clean then what..we clean ourselves..??..then we pay S&C for what?...

got mosquitoes in area..then we go look for mosquitoes ourselves..when we citizens are not arm with knowledge of where to look for mosquitoes in the first place..

its like asking a citizen to look for a robbery suspect...knn...

What sort of debate do they do in Parliament really??

If I can't ask you, what's the point?
Examples given by MP missed the mark So what am I paying those conservancy charges for?

Letter from Lim Boon Hee
Letter from Pan Pei Yan

While the gist of MP for Sembawang GRC Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman's message to Singaporeans to help themselves more instead of being so reliant on the Government is palatable, the examples he gave are not ("Ask not what your country can do for you…", Nov 10).
He was quoted as saying: "When the lift landing of our flat is not clean … we call the Town Council; when there are mosquitoes in the neighbourhood, we call the NEA (National Environment Agency) ... if things don't improve we go to our MPs ... or tell the media."
He added that we call the HDB if we have problems with our neighbours.
If we do not call the Town Council, then are residents expected to clean the lift landing mess ourselves and catch the culprits for the town council?
If there are mosquitoes from construction sites or a lot of dengue cases in the neighbourhood, the logical course of action is to call the NEA.
Surely we are not expected to take things into our own hands and go after the culprits who breed mosquitoes? If we don't seek the HDB's help, then most would seek to end disputes with our neighbours through tit-for-tat measures and even loud quarrels everyday.
Naturally, if calling the town council or the NEA does not produce any effective action or improvement, the residents are entitled to go to the MP or tell the media. What are MPs for if not to listen to the constituents' problems and represent their legitimate interests?
Sometimes, people get frustrated by red tape and inertia and have no choice but to publicise their views to the media as a last resort.
This is not wrong.
Yes, I agree that we can strengthen "resilience within families" more effectively "outside the chamber", as the MP puts it, rather than depend on the Government to do it for us in matters of the family.
But in the examples the MP cited, it is best not to encourage Singaporeans to take things into their own hands, and to allow town councils, the NEA, MPs and the media to handle these matters.
Otherwise, the Government's role in the "equation" will indeed be removed, despite Dr Maliki's assertion to the contrary.
Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman noted that Singaporeans had become increasingly reliant on an "efficient system" and gave an example of how when the lift landing at our block is not clean, we call the Town Council.
When I moved to Tampines recently I got a shock — for I saw litter in car park lots and the lift landing area. Rubbish and phlegm are an everyday sight in the lifts, rubbish is left in the corridor and once, I spotted faeces in a corner.
If I raise these concerns to the Town Council am I considered as relying too much on the Government/Town Council? What is the purpose of paying conservancy charges in that case? Please advise where or to whom the public should turn to for such matters.
Having said that, I am thankful to Tampines Town Council for their effort in cleaning up the area.
And much as I want to keep Singapore clean and safe, my effort alone is not enough, and I am hoping public education by way of media or flyers/posters could reach out to Singaporeans.

月曜日, 11月 06, 0018 tired

so tired at work these few many issues at work..lucky all is semicon people issue...but damm...still tired mah....

i am patiently waiting for my train set to arrive..and once it is going to scream again when she sees it set up in my clearing a table for it now....

over the weekend also did not go anyplace as i was busy tidying up the house and my room...also had some time .. came across a train layout program called XTrkCAD , a train layout CAD program. Best of all its free...and i designed my train track on it.

水曜日, 11月 01, 0018

Mom also fell sick

hiaz..lucky she recovered fast...else Marcus will miss her... :)

garlic..shallot.. lai lai . towel .. lai...

MArcus pick up some