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日曜日, 10月 01, 0018


so much sales....sales at Seiyu, Toys R Us Warehouse sale at Downtown East ( but crappy items there wasted half a day's leave on friday ).

Rachel i can say its so much easier to take care first my wife did not want to let her sleep in the sarong...then in the end as the nights became warmer and stuffier..we relented...cause in the night when she was sleeping on her matteress , i had to wake up every 2-3 hourly to turn her from left to right...machiam like barbequeing some she is in the sarong..and she loves least now she sleeps solid 3-4 hourly....

Today went down to my Uncles daughter 1 yr old party...nothing much..and the place was at Pasir first i was a bit sian..did not want to go..but knowing that Marcus will enjoy himself with the kids there...i went....wife wanted to stay home with Rachel...

Also had some time over the weekend...dropped by Sim Lim Tower to get some LEDs to start lighting up my little city...
Luv the trucks from BanDai..see link below
BanDai Working Vehicle Link



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