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火曜日, 10月 31, 0018

TOMIX Train set...

was busy over the weekend surfing TOMIX decide which Starter set to go for....damm..saw that a fellow member at Hobbyhype bought the Yamanote Line Starter Set first...he also bought the overhead station...very nice set!!!

seeing what he posted made me click on one of my bookmarks...a Shinkansen announcement..
東海道新幹線「こだま」 途中駅

i am thinking of getting this set TOMIX 90149 ベーシックセットSD500系のぞみ ... looks like its a re-released set scheduled for release in Oct 2006...yeah.....
Pic of the set

i remember the time when i was kid ... and if i am not wrong the only big shopping center that was selling these mnature train set was at Robinson's Store in Orchard...i would be the trains in the showcase .. amazed at the details and craftsmanship of those setup...but at that the time trainsets were very ex..something in the $600 mark and the price it was way out of my reach and of course begging my parents to get it would be near impossible.....

now 15 yrs later...i can get my own.... :) .. thats what makes being a adult too .. hahah being able to afford things i would have been dreaming off since i was a kid....

Check out some of the hobbyhype's member pics of his train set...



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