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火曜日, 10月 31, 0018

TOMIX Train set...

was busy over the weekend surfing TOMIX decide which Starter set to go for....damm..saw that a fellow member at Hobbyhype bought the Yamanote Line Starter Set first...he also bought the overhead station...very nice set!!!

seeing what he posted made me click on one of my bookmarks...a Shinkansen announcement..
東海道新幹線「こだま」 途中駅

i am thinking of getting this set TOMIX 90149 ベーシックセットSD500系のぞみ ... looks like its a re-released set scheduled for release in Oct 2006...yeah.....
Pic of the set

i remember the time when i was kid ... and if i am not wrong the only big shopping center that was selling these mnature train set was at Robinson's Store in Orchard...i would be the trains in the showcase .. amazed at the details and craftsmanship of those setup...but at that the time trainsets were very ex..something in the $600 mark and the price it was way out of my reach and of course begging my parents to get it would be near impossible.....

now 15 yrs later...i can get my own.... :) .. thats what makes being a adult too .. hahah being able to afford things i would have been dreaming off since i was a kid....

Check out some of the hobbyhype's member pics of his train set...

土曜日, 10月 28, 0018

Marcus is much better

he has recovered...Rachel is ok also..just that it seems she does not quite like her milk..

Mrs has been pestering me to bring Rachel to Padetrician for checkup...i told her for what...she is fine .. no fever..nothing wrong with her...i dun see the point in bringing her there...then end of the day.. if we go there..the padetrician might also just suggest..change milk...i not doctor i also can recommend that.... :)
My bro-in-law who just had his first kid...was also "con" by the padetrician ...he suggested some test which cost $250....i was like pianz....WTF....especially that famous Padetrician at Thomson Medical...never touch the baby and can diagnose the problem of baby....same case as Rachel..we brought her there..the padetrician did not even lay one finger on her...5 mins with him..and he say..change milk...fiak!!!...thats thats....

thats why this round when Marcus was we brought him to the local neighbourhood GP......

Marcus and Rachel......

Rascal Rail Playset...tomy Train trainset from Daiso....

Air is so much cleaner this weekend...i can see CCK from my room...PSI in the low 30s

木曜日, 10月 26, 0018

Marcus has gastric Flu :(

hiaz..fell sick on Wed......took urgent leave to stay home to help out wife...Marcus had Diarrhoea and vomitted twice...poor boy...

it pains our heart to see him sick....

月曜日, 10月 23, 0018

VivoCity TRU

opening sales....some good buys....the Pixar Cars playset Lugi and Mater shop was at 50% off...normal was .. 24.90...but blahhh...did not buy it...

me and Marcus was there in the morning today...yesterday when i saw the papers on sat morning..the only thing that caught my eyes was the Thomas the Train set...Giant Set normal guess what .. bought it...

opended up the set...and in it was three motorized cars...these are at least 29.90 if bought seperate at the local dept the tracks..its worth the $124.95...

the wide screen tv in front of the store was a hit with kids....and also the rascal...

The Thomas Giant Set.. assembled up...he must be the luckiest kid to have a father like

日曜日, 10月 22, 0018

at last some time

to spend going out with Marcus...went down to Spotlight at Plaza Singapura to get some felt cloth ...managed to get the color i wanted..but the price was ex...10.95/m .. in the end bought only 1 m to try it out....

had out lunch at the fifth floor foodcourt...thank goodness there was a thomas and friend kiddy ride which kept that rascal occupied...quietly finishing his lunch....he just luv Thomas and friend trains...also at the sametime before going home..mrs wanted to eat Burger she said she is sick of the food from the nearby how Marcus got that stupid looking

Evening went down to Isetan Scotts the toys dept had a recent makeover and Tomica was haing a sales there...i wanted to get the Mega Car Showroom since it came out 5 months back..and since i had some Isetan Voucher...why not...also at the same time .. there was a free Tomy Takara DVD with every $50 purchase...and Marcus have been watching the disc since we got it yesterday...on top of the disc..there was also a special $1 buy for a Tomica Limited Keychain....

uploaded parts of the DVD in 3 portions...enjoy...those that want the exact copy..drop me a comment...and i will try my best...

Part 1/4
Part 2/4
Part 3/4
Part 4/4

ordered some RAMS from newegg...

knn...nearly $800..for 4 x 1GB sticks....well these are premium rams sold at a low price....getting a pair of normal DDR2-667 CL3 rams will cost easily $400 at SLS..but these rams are...D9GMH by OC rams currently..!!! lets see if newegg ships to


金曜日, 10月 20, 0018

some pics of Rachel.... and Marcus

日曜日, 10月 15, 0018

Daiso Trainset...

haha...i find the train set sold at Daiso worth the $$ spent..cheaper than the Tomy Train set...Imagine the whole set in grey tracks ..trees .. buildings...cost total $28..thats the amt spent so far..compared to the TOMY set we got for Marcus which cost nerly $90...

and the track support ( boxed in red) was also made by material bought from Daiso...bought a 30mm Diameter Balsa wood rod ($2)..and made about 6 supports, each 65mm in height to support the overhead track...hehehe..cheaper alternative of getting the original support which cost $2 for 2 ( even thought its by Daiso..its still ex..2 for $2 )

Broken down amt spent on the train set:
1) Train Carriages - $6
2) 3 sets of Trees - $6
3) Train Station - $2
4) Store - $2
5) 2 x straight Track Pack - $4
6) Elevated Track Set - $2
7) Track Diversion - $2
8) 2 x Curved Track - $4

土曜日, 10月 14, 0018

Vivo City

had a great stroke of luck at Vivo after home..saw wife..told her ..i bring Marcus out to Vivo City...

had dinner with Marcus at Plaza Singapura ... did some shopping at Daiso for train tracks and trees we bought.....before catching the North East line to Harbour Front.....Marcus was happy and excited when we arrived at VivoCity TRU....

i made my way for the Hotwheels section and behold...there were 2 boxes of Hotwheels boxes....i looked into one...found 3 x Ferrari 512M , 3 x F430..and a Treasure Hunt First ever TH find since i started collecting Hotwheels....ppl are selling these on ebay for 10 - 15 USD!!
so its really avaliable in Singapore...Treasure Hunt Cars...!!!

Recently surfing youtube..and trying to pick up some basic japanese phrases....found a series of video for learning jap...quite comprehensive..

Part 1/3
Part 2/3
Part 3/3


火曜日, 10月 10, 0018

My Fav Hokkien Video

Chen Lei - Beloved dun

月曜日, 10月 09, 0018

小薇 - 黄品源

luv this song.....

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日曜日, 10月 08, 0018

Dammm...reciting PI to the 100,000 decimal places..

thats insane...but apparently a Japanese man did it....

see news here
TOKYO (AP) - A Japanese mental health counsellor recited pi to 100,000 decimal places from memory Wednesday, setting what he claims is a world record.

Akira Haraguchi, 60, needed more than 16 hours to recite the number to 100,000 decimal places, breaking his personal best of 83,431 digits set in 1995, his office said Wednesday. He made the attempt at a public hall in Kisarazu, just east of Tokyo.

Pi is a physical constant defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

It is usually written out to a maximum of three decimal places, as 3.141, in math textbooks. But the number, which has fascinated scientists for centuries, has no theoretical limit to the number of decimal places it can be written to. It is a constant that appears in the proofs of many equations defining the universe.

"What I am aiming at is not just memorizing figures, I am thrilled by seeking a story in pi," Haraguchi said....


was at the Plaza Singapura Branch yesterday...and today dropped by the IMM branch....i only can say....nice items they carry...especailly those Art & craft Items..Imagine they also carry those Balsa Wood different sizes....

also under the toys section they carry a "Tomy" like train series...called "Super Express"... me and Marcus bought a couple of add on items for his Thomas the Train set...
Not enough bought more $2 per 4 trees.... :)

a Train Station..$2... the bullet train is $2 per pc...
3 pcs total...Front , Center and Rear Carriage

A Train Building for the train to rest when not in painting with some arcylic paint...the roof colors...looks ok....

Ok this is the only original accessory i bought so far..a train stop light set...$15..expensive...thats why i will go for Daiso train products now...

土曜日, 10月 07, 0018

Damm PSI is at 150

damm damm...150!!!