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日曜日, 9月 24, 0018


confinement lady has left on Friday 22 , mrs and Marcus were left to handle Rachel on our own...and i have taken up the task of the nightly care...while my wife take care of the day portion..

friday night and sat night went by least Rachel is easier than Marcus much more better..drink sleep..drink sleep...

Rachel is cute..whenever she finishes her milk and is dozing into Zzzz land...she will smile to telling least daddy and mummy knows how to take care of me....

i am trying to snap a pic of that smile...its really cute....

btw..even with Rachel alone with us..i still manage to find time for my hobby...found this pair of Ferrari F430 Hotwheels from the new line of 2006 cars...yeah...its a rare find...

Stupid toy distributor Sheng Tai has told OG to sell its Tomica Cars at Nett Price..meaning not valid for discounts etc during any promotion event....damm Sheng Tai..


Blogger Mickell said...

The price of metal has gone up. That's why the price of a Tomica die-cast toy car in Kiddy Palace had been increased from $2.95 to $3.10.

金曜日, 10月 06, 0018 10:45:00 午前  


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