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日曜日, 8月 06, 0018

Crappy TOMY Thomas The Train set...7409 Talk N Action set..

its looks like a cool set..whereby Thomas will churn out some words..when it passes those green colored plates....

look what the UK stores from HIT Entertainment says

An exciting track that will be hours of fun for little Thomas fans! This triple-loop train set contains special track sections that trigger six different spoken phrases from Thomas as he powers by. Includes Annie, Clarabel, a station, tunnel, trees and a layout that measures 28' x 54.5'. Talk 'n' Action Magic Rail Set is compatible with most Tomica World sets and accessories. The train and magic rail in this set are specially designed to work together. All other Tomica World trains will run on this track, but will not trigger sounds and actions. 3 AA batteries required (not included.) Not suitable for children under 3 years.

yayaya...then why did you think i bought it...but damm...pls ensure Quality Control is there....crappy QC....the set which i bought for Marcus was suppose to be unique and fun..and who knows..lousy QC spoils our day......

We fitted up the set happily..hoping to enjoy it...but who knows...the train just did not want to go round the keeps on jamming when it reaches the turn...

On closer inspection of the engine...guess what i found a cracked gear!!!...damm...i was very sure Marcus did not touch it before i did..if he did ..i would have suspected him damaging it...

look at that stupid look at the damaged gear and i knew that the diameter of the shaft and the diameter of the gear when during assembly did not fit well....damm QC...
went down to Isetan to change the set..and guess what..all the three sets there had the same defect!!!!..Three Sets...Three stupid sets.... Have written to Tomy UK to ask them to remove this stupid set off their line of products for Thomas the Train..Imagine Marcus's disappointment!!!... .. Really dun understand how QC is controlled....

lousy set....!!!! ..... advise to potential buyers...skipped it!!!

Lousy Gear close up pic from the "7409 Talk N Action" Set ( see closely the pic it says Britt Allcroft (Thomas)..

Good Gear from another Tomy Thomas Train set ( made in thailand)

In the end..had to make do with another set....!!!he really luv that set...but lousy QC spoilt his enjoyment..

What should have been made to ensure no crack gear!!
* preheating the shaft during the assmebly process might help to ensure no stress on gear....
* better incoming QC on dimensions...on shaft / gear should be tighter
* make gear out of nylon that it is not so brittle.. imagine 3 sets out of the 3 sets i opened at Isetan had the same defect!!! better be reading this!!! else the name of TOMY is gone!!!


Blogger fred said...

nice pics..... pity about the QC.... the older stuff was better

see my blog

金曜日, 9月 29, 0018 12:45:00 午後  


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