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土曜日, 7月 29, 0018

Weekly visit now..

from this weekly onwards ..its going to be a weekly visit to the check weekly growth of Rachel...Rachel weight is estimated at about 2.4 kg now...and her head circumference is the same as Marcus....might go for cesarean again...

anyway...after the visit to the Doc...we dropped by Taka to check out the sales as we had no other plans for the took lunch at Lucky Plaza foodcourt..after which its Taka!!

TakaShimaya again

The Tomica section was so pathetic..reduced to a small level of stocks only...last week on Tuesday they restock all the my guess is this week best time to go down would be Tuesday in the end ..did not spend much...$19

he insisted to open this i relented in the end.....he was so happy..!!!


Blogger Mickell said...

Is it a good thing not to have a car which incurs a lot of expenses?
Otherwise may not have enough money left every month to buy so many toy cars? :)

月曜日, 7月 31, 0018 5:39:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

i think far i spent about $ that more or less than a average car monthly upkeep cost?.

月曜日, 7月 31, 0018 10:49:00 午後  


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