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火曜日, 7月 25, 0018


seldom post on a weekdays...but with the sale can dun post....drop by Taka after work to see any new items..and thankfully there is...i was missing the police station and fire station from the Cararama set..

Bought also 2 items for Rachel....yeah..a Pooh bear baby set..and Minnie Mouse..$5 each...

Bought this Range Rover..$10

damm have to go and change another one...i bought one with the same frequency as the Nissan Skyline Yellow...stupid...i should have called home to check with mrs...

Total Spent Today - $58
Baby Pooh Set - $5
Minnie Mouse - $5
Cararama Police set - $10
Cararama Fire set - $10
Tomy Bit Charg - $18
Range Rover - $10



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