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土曜日, 7月 22, 0018

Takashimaya's 10th Craziest Toys Sale 2006 till 6 Aug

found out from friday's papaer there is a crazy toy fair at Taka .. this is the mother of all toy the prices here are really crazy!!!...i was there on Friday...i was there on Sat...i wonder will i be there on Sunday?...

Friday...went to FarEast Square to have dinner before heading towards Taka for the Sale... Wife was also with us .. so when we reached Taka ..wife said..tired leh...cause she is now 5 weeks away from her due date...she said she take a rest first while we go ahead...i said me and Marcus went to the basement aread of Ngee Ann City..and behold...the Toy Fair...

lots of bargains...from Mattel Barbie Girls toys to diecast cars...waa..the 1:18 Scale diecast cars are $ that a crazy price...looks crazy enough for me..

Our Haul home.....lots of toys..for daddy and son...

night was so hot..that upon reaching home...marcus took off all cloting and ran about

For Instane this ATM machine is $15...and we found out..that it was selling at Careefour also at $15....oh well...

Also got this Korean brand Trailer for Marcus...$19.90..normal its selling at $50 at OG....

SOme other hauls.....the Tomicas were cheap $15 per set(normal its $30 )....the Hotwheels $5 each (normal theses are at $20 but 3 variants only )..the Construction vehicles...are full Metal!!!..and Spanish MAde from JOAL Diecast..its a popular brand and known for models from CAT and Volvo...bought a couple..these will not last very long there as the quantity are limited!!
The Fireman Range Rover is $13 each..hehehe..saw only 2 and i luv grab 2....and lastly the red corvette...$10!!! for a 1:18 scale it for display..or give to kid for rough play.he will luv you for

The Tomy Testarossa is $18 ( normal $59 ) ..the speedz cars are $5( normal 10.90) and the Shell station is $10 ( normal 16.90)

Total Spent on Friday - $243.90
Burago 1:18 Corvette - $10
Burago Range Rover - $13
Burago Range Rover - $13
Joal Construction - $15
Joal Construction - $15
Joal Construction - $15
Joal Construction - $10
Joal Construction - $10
Tomica Trailer - $15
Tomica GT - $15
Tomica Trucks - $15
Tomica Lambo - $15
HotWheels - $5
HotWheels - $5
HotWheels - $5
Korean Trailer & Heli - $19.90
ATM Machine - $15
Speedz - $5
BitCharg - $18
Cararama - Sheel Petrol - $10

Those hauls above are from for Saturdays Haul.... :) was a hectic day...morning had to go back to office for some meeting...left office at 11 am..arrive home..and left ar 1130 to bring Marcus to a colleague's house warming Ang mo took a bus down to town to change to MRT...but on reaching town...time was still ..Taka Toy fair again..!!!...

In the end did not spend much...$100 only.....



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